Phoenix, ARIZONA

Granite Firearms Training

Be Ready.

​John Kanicsar

​The Lead Instructor and owner of  Granite Firearms Training is John Kanicsar.   John is a certified National Rifle Asc, Law Enforcement Instructor and his classes are based heavily on his experience and training.  Working in a non-sworn, reserve-position for the Sheriff's Office, he been able to train, assist, and function with many of his agency's tactical units.  His current assignment is a senior team member of an Arrest Warrant team, with close to 7 years  on the team.   

Starting in 2012, he began Granite Firearms Training, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He has trained Civilians, Security personal and Law Enforcement in weapon handling and tactics.  Along with working with his company, he was worked with several other companies all over the country as a contract instructor and brings with him collected knowledge and experience.  

In 2013, Adam Davis joined Granite and now serves as the Lead Ast. Instructor. Adam works full time  in the private sector for a company that provides helicopter SAR, Tactical and training operations for both private industry and government contracts.  He started as a rescue specialist and EMT on a DOD contract with the company, and his worked his way through the ranks and now serves the training program and logistics for the company.  The combination of professional instructor by trade and a passion for firearms and the industry, has made Adam a critical part of the GFT team.

Along with John and Adam, Granite Firearms Training has an excellent cadre of instructors with specialized training and experience, in both operations and instruction.  With backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Private Security, Tactical Medicine, Military and Special Operations, the instructors cover a wide array of talents. And most important, it helps with  exposure to latest technology, advancing and evolving tactics and being able to work with evolving trends and operational priorities.  This foundation provides students with a deep and flexible knowledge pool. 

       OUR  GOAL

To provide a solid, and steady environment to allow individuals to gain knowledge and improve both their mental and physical skill sets.

Use our backgrounds and experience  to help provide functional and proven techniques to the students.

​And have good time doing it