​​                      Requirements 


Minimum 3 Magazines  ( 10, 20 or Standard 30)



​Out the waist band holster.  Kydex, Safari Land, Fobus, etc.

Minimum 3 Magazines           (Range has restrictions on SERPA style holsters)


Eye Protection (Clear for Night classes)

Ear Protection



Required to carry minimum 2 magazines on you.  2 for each weapon platform. This can be done by user preference (unless noted for special class) Examples of styles; Duty or "war" belt, Plate Carrier, Chest Harness, kydex or speed pouches, etc.

One of the most common questions we get is "what should I bring?"   It's a good one as it's probably the most important.    Listed below is a good standardized over view of what to bring out.  More often then not, classes will have requirements for equipment.  Always check the course description to make sure you have what you need. Options will vary depending on the course.

What to bring to the range.

Recommended  Kit

Cowtown is a great place to train and one of the reasons why we love it out there, is the space to set up and call home for the day. Listed here are some suggestions to get the most out of the day.  Also, some extra gear in your range kit can make  a big difference for the day

Good range clothes with respect to the weather

Table for your gear, folding chair. 

Cleaning kit and tools

Knee and elbow pads

Hat and sun screen

Food and drinks

Batteries and flashlights

Spare sling

Extra magazines

Small flashlight or camp light for working on equipment during night classes

Medical kit

Extra weapons and gear.  (It is quite common for shooters to change weapons or styles of gear during the class to work several different techniques.  Shooters are encouraged to try different set ups)

And most important, give all your equipment a solid review and function check before you come out.  Buckles, zippers, batteries, weapons cleaned, optics go to go, magazines checked, water topped off, cleaning kit stocked.  So when you get out to the line, no surprises or let downs on range day.

Be Ready.

Phoenix, ARIZONA

Granite Firearms Training