Phoenix, ARIZONA

Be Ready.

John Kanicsar has long and unique history when it comes to designing, building and operating vehicles in an operational setting.   John considers himself very fortunate to have worked in the remote areas around Southern Arizona using standard patrol vehicles, his custom built vehicle for extreme terrain, to working with vehicles in a urban tactical environment.   This collected knowledge has been refined and he now teaches to Military and Law Enforcement.  

His instructor career started in 2013 for a SOCOM unit providing pre-deployment training.  Since then, he completed another 7 weeks for various military units and worked with over 20 law enforcement agencies.  He covers topics from vehicle tactics, asset and equipment maintenance and preservation, deployment techniques,  driving, recovery operations for impaired vehicles , low-light and no light operations (NVGs), equipment outfitting and rescue operations.   

He specializes in Off-highway vehicles (4x4) and heavy vehicles for public safety (MRAPs)

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"A good medic is important and teams will put emphasis on training and support for that. A good medic can save the whole team, one a time.  But the driver gets overlooked and the position's importance gets underestimated.  A good medic is important, but a solid driver is more critical.  Because a good driver can save the whole team at once, and complete the mission. "​​


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